Teaching Artist Needed

Teaching artists needed

Lake County Arts Council, in partnership with the Lake County Office of Education, will provide a series of Arts Integration Trainings highlighting multiple art forms for Lake County teachers, providing materials and insight on how teachers can easily apply each art form into their classroom. These Arts Integration sessions will start summer of 2023 and will continue through September 2024 in different locations around the lake.

Arts Integration Training will allow professional Teaching Artists to work directly with Lake County teachers to provide methods to integrate arts practices into the curriculum across multiple subjects. School teachers will get a fresh perspective on teaching in and through the arts and be able to ask questions and experience hands-on learning with Teaching Artists.

Ideal concepts allow for the utility of art forms across grade levels and subjects. Overall the Lake County Arts Council is looking for diverse lessons and instructors, ensuring teachers have multiple styles and techniques to experience. All art forms will be considered for this project.

The primary call for artists will be due February 28th, 2023. Artists are asked to put forward their suggestions for integration (which art form and how it can be applied generally to any and/or all school subjects). Proposals do not have to be finished lesson plans, but need overall concepts; lesson planning will be worked out in collaboration with the Lake County Office of Education Integration Specialist, ensuring lessons meet all California Arts Standards, California Arts Framework, and California Content Standards. In addition to lesson plan ideas, we request a resume of artistic/educational work, a digital portfolio of artistic works, and a letter of interest describing your proposal ideas regarding this project.

Any artist interested in this project, please email, dadams@lakecoe.org