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Featured Poet

Kelly Andersonis a writer born and raised in San Francisco, who now presently lives and writes in the wilds of Lake County, California.   Distant Echoes is Anderson's third collection of poetry.  She writes of life before and now; memories awakened, stirred, revived; forgotten worlds conjured and conceived;...

Featured Artist

Art is a journey for me, reflecting my inner emotions and visuals that captivate my imagination.  I began painting at 9 with my first set of oils, a gift from my parents while living in AZ.  Following many years later I took one oil class...

Featured Author

Carolyn Wing Greenlee was a closet writer, poet, and painter until Lake County people, such as Jim Lyle, coaxed her into sharing at public venues. There she discovered the part of art that creates a circle with community, and led to her founding the writers...

Featured Volunteer

Judy Cardinale has been a member of the Lake County Arts Council for many years, donating her time and energy to a multitude of positions and projects. As hostess at the Main Street Gallery, Judy is able to impart her knowledge as an artist to...