LCAC Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Directors

Barbara Clark
Executive Director

Doug Volz – Vice-President
Arts Notes Editor

Susan KronesSecretary

Laura Sammel – Treasurer

Georgina Marie
Literary Coordinator

Shelby Posada

Betty Lou Surber
Member Emeritus

Michael Adams – President
Soper Reese Theater Chairperson

Linda KellyCommunications Officer

Barbara Funke
Gallery Chairperson

Doug Volz
Arts Notes Editor

Lisa Kaplan

Dana Adams


Main Street Gallery

  • Barbara Funke, Chairperson
  • Linda Kelly, Communications
  • Diana Liebe, Special Events
  • Carol Dobusch, Art in Public Places
  • Bob Phillips, Gallery Exhibit Coordinator
  • Richard Schmidt, Member-at-large
  • Doug Volz, Member-at-large

Soper Reese Theater

  • Michael Adams, Chairperson
  • Jeremiah French, General Manager
  • Jane Ruggles, Box Office
  • Nancy Rhoades, Concessions
  • Andrea Adams, Volunteer Manager
  • Nina Marino, Fundraising Chair

Dance Festival Committee

  • Blair Smith, Chairperson
  • Kim Green, Kim’s Dance Factory
  • Jeanette Marchais, Studio Ballet
  • Michelle John Smith, Clear Lake Clikkers
  • Antoinette Goetz: Lakeport Dance Center

Literary Arts Coordinator

Georgina Marie

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

I was exhilarated and humbled to be chosen as LCAC’s Executive Director.  For the many that know me, I thank everyone for their ongoing support.  For those that do not, please allow me a moment to introduce myself.  I am a Lake County local, having moved here when I was a child. I love every bit of what Lake County offers.  I have always loved the arts and found my true calling in music and theatre.  I was fortunate to be able to acquire all my secondary and post-secondary education in the county, all the way up to my Master’s degree in Business Administration.  I never thought it could happen, but this intertwining of my passion and my professional experience is a dream come true.  As the Executive Director I hope to support all arts endeavors, encourage community collaboration, and extend our reach and diversity, particularly with youth and young adults.

This is a very difficult time for all of us. Dealing with wildfires, COVID-19, and the many other obstacles of life, I believe this is a time more than ever that art needs to be shared. I hope everyone is finding some way to enjoy art daily, be it making, or contributing to or just enjoying and contemplating the aspects of another artists’ work.

Please be patient as LCAC navigates new waters and learns the correct path to this new world. Currently our facilities are closed, but we will be working to re-open safely for all. While this transition is happening, please be forgiving to all of us, volunteers and employees, as we do our best to do things right. Remember our hearts are all in the right place. 

I would like to congratulate Lake County’s newest Poets Laureate, Georgina Marie. She is not only taking on the Poet Laureate title, she is also LCAC’s new Literary Coordinator, helping LCAC run our monthly Writer’s Circle (which are currently being held online) as well as coordinating our Poetry Out Loud Program. I look forward to seeing what Georgina has in store for us.

LCAC is continuing to up our online presence. Again be patient, as this also has a learning curve attached. If you want to share information about a project, or just want to stay in the loop, like us at  

I cannot thank everyone enough for their participation in our endeavors. LCAC are proud to be able to host artists at both the Main Street Gallery and the Soper Reese Theatre. We are proud to be a partner to local artists and arts organizations. We are proud to work with local governments on finding ways to make art a prominent piece of Lake County culture. Of course all of these things could not be done without the support of local individuals and businesses, and from support by people such as yourself. Until now, I have never directly asked for financial support, but at this dire time I ask all of you who can, please donate to our cause.

Lastly, I would like to thank the volunteers and participants that make everything happen in LCAC. You are the life-blood of our organization and we can’t do it without all of you!


~Barbara Clark