Featured Volunteer

Judy Cardinale has been a member of the Lake County Arts Council for many years, donating her time and energy to a multitude of positions and projects. As hostess at the Main Street Gallery, Judy is able to impart her knowledge as an artist to the visitors. Judy has studied art for over 35 years. She rendered wildlife and animal portraits in pastel. Moving to Lake County in the early 90’s, Judy began to explore the medium of oil.  Added another love to the already existing love of animal portraits – that of seascapes. Her paintings grace the walls of homes in private collections throughout the United States. The use of watercolor added a new dimension her collection. Yellowstone National Park inspired her most recent work. The ever-changing landscape, water, wildlife, and beautiful sunsets depicted in Yellowstone and Lake County are the essence of her work. Judy’s paintings have a soft and serene spirit. She is always ready with her sketch book and camera in hand to capture that “special moment Our Maker has bestowed.” Viewing her work, one is often transported to that “special moment”.