Featured Author

Carolyn Wing Greenlee was a closet writer, poet, and painter until Lake County people, such as Jim Lyle, coaxed her into sharing at public venues. There she discovered the part of art that creates a circle with community, and led to her founding the writers circle at the Arts Council, becoming Lake County  Poet Laureate #3, having shows of paintings and photography in museums and galleries, and writing sixteen books.

Carolyn’s latest book, “And This Is How I Lived—stories from overlanders, immigrants, settlers, and pioneers who made new lives in difficult places” is a collection of 45 excerpts from books she encountered while working with the museums in the county, and from her own heritage of immigrants from China in the 1800s. These first-hand accounts stuck in her mind for a variety of reasons. Some are funny, quirky, startling, moving, touching, surprising. It’s an inside look into how  individuals saw their world, and an invitation for the reader to find the significance and value in their own lives. Each journey is different. Each voice is important. And we are enriched by knowing one another and the stories we choose to tell.