Featured Artist

Art is a journey for me, reflecting my inner emotions and visuals that captivate my imagination.  I began painting at 9 with my first set of oils, a gift from my parents while living in AZ.  Following many years later I took one oil class at Macalester College in St Paul, MN. The instructor commented that  I  painted like Winston Churchill, and that was not meant as a complement.

After that period, and with four inquisitive children eager to touch and get their fingers into the mix, I found that oils took too long to dry, and I switched to Acrylics.  A long dormant period followed until moving to CA.  In 1992, I began painting in earnest and now work in a number of mediums and use various techniques that include floral, landscape, portraits and critters.  I   thank John Ells for his tutelage in two different styles of abstract painting.  One series is titled “Celestial” and the second “Faces”.  I have donated one of the “Faces” series to the Gallery.  The title is “Wine Country Sojourn”, and at 93” X 37”, it is my largest painting to date.

While I enjoy working with various mediums, it is difficult to say if I have a preference as my work and paint as the mood strikes me.

I am very grateful for all the support of the many talented artists who contribute their energy, knowledge and talents, and who have assisted me along this path of creativity.  I am also honored that I was the honoree of the Amateur Arts Award in the Stars of Lake County in 2008 as there were so many artists worthy of the honor.