Funds for Artists’ Losses from Sulphur fire

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Decimated homes of the Sulphur Fire. Photo courtesy of Russell Bishop.

Lake County Arts Council (LCAC) is proud to be issuing mini-grants to the affected artists of the Sulphur Fire.  The purpose of LCAC is to encourage and develop the arts and cultural activities in Lake County by coordinating, developing, sponsoring and providing assistance in all artistic and cultural endeavors.  With this grant LCAC will be doing just that.

The California Arts Council (CAC) utilized special National Endowment of the Arts funding to support re-granting projects that provide support for arts organizations who suffered loss and/or business interruption as a result of the fires and to support for artists who suffered major losses as a result of the fires.  The LCAC will use this funding to re-grant mini grants to artists, companies, and organizations who had art related losses from the Sulphur fire. The Sulphur fire took place in the Clearlake Oaks/Clearlake Park area(s) in October, 2017. The application for mini grants has been extended and due no later than July 31,, 2019.  If any questions arise, or need help with the application, please contact the Lake County Arts Council for assistance.

LCAC is proud to support arts in culture in Lake County and will continue to support those in need during this period of rebuilding and growth.  LCAC will work hard to accommodate as many applicants as possible as funds permit.

This project is made possible by the California Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. To learn about how state and federal arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit and

For more information or questions, contact Barbara Clark via phone (707) 263-6658 or email