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Poets and Authors


Georgina Marie is a Lakeport poet who has been writing poetry off and on for roughly 14 years. She enjoys writing in free verse/confessional style and designates poetry as her main creative outlet and form of personal therapy. In her words, “Poetry allows me to be everything I am inside and in turn makes this world a sweeter, more beautiful place”.  She has recently become involved in the Lake County writing community, participating in the monthly Writer’s Circle at the Lake County Arts Council, the monthly writer’s workshop at the Middletown Art Center and has contributed to the Creative Expressions segment of the Record-Bee. She is currently working on her first chapbook of poems.

Names for My Plants

by Georgina Marie

I’ve thought about a few names for my plants:

Iris, Edra, Sophia.

But the wind shivers by my bedroom window,

and along with the breeze comes a different thought;

it wants me to think that these are not only names,

they are titles.

The titles are the names

of the plants I am planting in the soil,

soil that comes in the form of books and notebooks.

But wait,

these pages come from trees, right?

So truly we are recycling art,

from one medium to the other;

plants to readers,

writers to earth.

If I die today

my words will remind my soul and you

that I once was a plant in human form:

my uterus made of flowers,

my legs made of twigs, albeit short ones;

my will to live floriated, tenacious.

The birds may have thought it was funny sometimes

to take apart pieces of my brain,

just enough to make the emptiness feel like romance.

There are two little buckets of succulents

on my window sill

and each time I pet them I wonder

what their words may be one day,

if they will carry my burdens with their growth,

my voids with their fleshy spines

and turn them into violet buds

‘buds of the buds’

that will exchange their thirst for my thoughts

and transmute my longings with their roots.

We’re living through each other in this

lonely moment of grounding and humility.

We are nowhere near nowhere,

we are somewhere

in this botanical somewhere.


Gene writes to entertain, he’s been writing for the last half of his life.  He has lived and farmed in Lake County for nearly fifty years. His service in the Navy during World War II, and his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan, along with many occupations and several professions during his eight decades of life, were only prologues for what life had to teach him.

Gene has written fifteen full-length novels and several collections of fiction and non-fiction. His writing covers a wide range of subjects from science fiction, fantasy, children’s stories and several histories, including the Civil War and Lake County, California. Gene is a published columnist of a weekly newspaper column in Lake and Mendocino County newspapers in print and online. The weekly columns cover a wide range of subjects, from people and animals he has met through the years.

When asked, why do you write?’ Gene’s reply is; “because I must. Writing is like breathing. Each day my writing makes me glad to be alive. Besides, seeing my stories in print and knowing people enjoy them, is for me, like having Apple Pie…and I love Apple Pie.”