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Suze Pahl

Our newest member grew up in Miami, Florida as the eldest of five siblings.

Suze went to the Art Institute of Chicago, the International Pastry Arts Center in upstate New York, and the New York Restaurant School.

"I started doing catering in my 20's and only recently retired. I was a personal chef and a caterer in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, New York City, Miami, and San Francisco."

"I segued into party and interior design to the stage parties and events. My part-time adventures in lovely shops led to the displaying of my own items for sale. For these events, it was natural for me to begin to design the table settings, buffets, and even room designs."

"All of this also tied into my lifelong involvement and passion for art history, art, architecture, and music. Growing up, we all learned art from our amazingly creative mom. She painted our bedrooms with lovely murals and trees. The furniture in our bedrooms was painted in matching colors. She made the bedspreads and curtains, so they matched, too. Three of us are natural artists."

"In November 2013, I started buying, collecting, and selling stone-grade gemstones and fossils and started to focus on hard-to-find and luminous translucent stones."

"More recently, I started making sun catchers, bookmarks, home decor, garden art, and pendants out of these stones, fossils, and natural crystals."

"Now, I travel to fairs, festivals, and farmer's markets and I also sell in stores on the West Coast."

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