Lake County Arts Council | Membership
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Benefits of Membership

  • Membership is tax deductible
  • Participate in the growth of the arts in Lake County
  • Invitation to special programs and events
  • Receive quarterly “Art Notes” newsletter
  • Members get free space at the Gallery for meetings, family events and receptions
  • Business members get recognized in our website as sponsors of the arts


Benefits of Business Membership


There is nothing in business today that provides as much economic and social benefit, on as many levels, as a strategic partnership.


  • The Main Street Gallery provides the space for meetings, classes or receptions to our members.
  • The Soper Reese Theatre provides seating for 265. Business Sponsors receive 2 tickets for the Classic Movie Night, 2 tickets for an LCAC event and will be identified on the theatre screen at Lake County Arts Council events.
  • LCAC Youth Art Programs have continued to grow. As a result, additional classroom facilities are needed to support the programs growth. Your membership as a Business Sponsor will help to achieve this worthy goal.
  • The Lake County Arts Council is broadening its business and art landscape with the Big Art Radio program on KPFZ 88.1fm. The program brings another facet to the art and business scene.
  • Art Notes is the offical news journal of the Lake County Arts Council. Published quarterly, Art Notes contains all the current news about the Arts Council. Art Notes will also display a list of Business Sponsors, identifying them as a sponsor of the arts.
  • The LCAC website,, will provide your Business with a place on our website which will bring a new and broader audience to your business and we will provide your website address for additional viewer opportunities.
  • The Lake County Arts Council’s Facebook page has hundreds of followers and all events hosted by our Business Sponsors will be featured on our page.
  • A framed letter of recognition as a Business Sponsor will be provided to be displayed at your place of business.
Membership Benefits

More importantly, you too, can be a part of connecting the arts to the community. Please join us. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.


Contribute by hosting at the Gallery, selling tickets, or helping with our many activities and classes. The list goes on. What are your talents or your passions? We welcome your input and support.


For more information about joining and participating, stop by the Soper Reese Theatre, or call 263-0577, or the Main Street Gallery Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 – 3:00, at (707) 263-6658.


Please join using our online application or download the application and return by mail.


E-mail us at:

Diana Liebe's Watercolor Class


Suze Pahl


Our newest member grew up in Miami, Florida as the eldest of five siblings.


Suze went to the Art Institute of Chicago, the International Pastry Arts Center in upstate New York, and the New York Restaurant School.


“I started doing catering in my 20’s and only recently retired. I was a personal chef and a caterer in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, New York City, Miami, and San Francisco.”


“I segued into party and interior design to the stage parties and events. My part-time adventures in lovely shops led to the displaying of my own items for sale. For these events, it was natural for me to begin to design the table settings, buffets, and even room designs.”

“All of this also tied into my lifelong involvement and passion for art history, art, architecture, and music. Growing up, we all learned art from our amazingly creative mom. She painted our bedrooms with lovely murals and trees. The furniture in our bedrooms was painted in matching colors. She made the bedspreads and curtains, so they matched, too. Three of us are natural artists.”


“More recently, I started making sun catchers, bookmarks, home decor, garden art, and pendants out of these stones, fossils, and natural crystals.”


“Now, I travel to fairs, festivals, and farmer’s markets and I also sell in stores on the West Coast.”


“In November 2013, I started buying, collecting, and selling stone-grade gemstones and fossils and started to focus on hard-to-find and luminous translucent stones.”