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Get Involved



“Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization”


It is the volunteers contributions of time and labor that ultimately make the LCAC’s vision a reality.


Be a part of helping connect the arts to the community. Contribute as a volunteer by hosting the Gallery, staffing a production at our Soper Reese Theatre and joining in our various events and projects.


Main Street Gallery


Our volunteer hosts & hostesses greet our visitors and make them feel welcome. Visitors will remember their visit to our Gallery when they feel your interest. You have the opportunity to ensure they will want to return and will tell their friends of our amazing artists.


Please call the Gallery at (707) 263-6658 or email


Soper Reese Theatre


Volunteers will assist with ticket sales, seating, concessions and more.


Please call the Theatre at (707) 263-0577 or email


Contact a LCAC representative to further understand how you can contribute our success.

Carol Dobusch


Carol Dobusch

Carol and her husband, Hans, moved to Lake County in 1966 after Hans got a teaching job with Kelseyville Unified School District.  With them, they brought their eight month-old daughter, their German Shepherd, a tortoise, and very little else. Becoming established in Lake County was a swift process due to the friendliness and receptiveness of neighbors, friends, and folks within our Lake County community.  Opportunities to become involved abounded, and within a short while Carol and/or Hans were part of organizations such as the Clearlake Horsemen, the Lake County Community Chorus, church choir, the Kelseyville Women’s Club, Boy Scouts Leadership, Lake County Sheriff’s Posse, Lions Club, Sierra Club, and Carol was a community correspondent with a column in the Record Bee.  As years went by, Carol also took a teaching job in Kelseyville. She also became active as a performer and/or director in our local theater company.  Learning about the many functions of the Lake County Arts Council, Carol was eager to join.  She and her husband continue their membership and assist with the Art in Public Places program. They also broadened their interest in gardening by becoming members of the Clearlake Trowel and Trellis Club.  After their retirement, Carol and Hans continue their involvement within the Lake County community.  Hans can be found at work in the Wildhurst Tasting Room, and Carol is an adjunct teacher at Mendocino Community College. Their long-time interest in the arts continues, and both agree that Lake County is the ideal place to live, to raise a family, and to realize individual potentials.