Lake County Arts Council | Behind The Curtain Scavenger Hunt
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Behind The Curtain Scavenger Hunt

Behind The Curtain Scavenger Hunt

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A. Violet Butterfly, Lake County Theatre Company and the Meals On Wheels Thrift Store invite you to participate in the “Behind The Curtain Scavenger Hunt”. We invite you, Lake County, to participate in our hunt for items we can repurpose for a greater purpose while earning big points and winning great prizes.

This is not a race, this is a game of strategy, creativity, and adventure.

It is simple, just find the fairy A. Violet Butterfly a.k.a. Andrea Anderson in person or online on her FB page, her website or her email contact @ and give her your full name and email or mailing address so she can send you a Behind The Curtain Scavenger Hunt. Or you can just friend her on FB and click GOING or INTERESTED and she will send you a Behind The Curtain Scavenger Hunt Kit via your FB private messenger (just make sure you friend her or accept her friends request because otherwise the kit will be sent to a different section of your messenger and you will have to search for it). A word to the wise, the faster you find the fairy, the faster you will receive your kit, the more time you will have to find the items on the list. Scavenger Hunt Kits will be given out on a first find the fairy first serve basis.

The Behind The Curtain Scavenger Hunt Kit will include hunt rules & registration, and your primary item list. A secondary item list may come into play for extra points at a future date as A. Violet Butterfly reserves the right to add as many items as it takes to amuse her. Behind The Curtain Scavenger Hunt Rules must be read and Registration forms must be completed and returned (postmarked via mail or timestamped via email) by 12/25/17 to be an eligible participant in the race.

No purchase is necessary to win this event. In fact, creativity is encouraged when hunting for items. Winners will be determined by a point system. There are two choices of delivery:

1.Delivering a photo or video of any of the items on the “Hunt List” will be worth 5 points. You may do this via email (contact @ or in person at designated drop off time and point to be revealed in your Hunt Kit. However, the participant OR current newspaper showing date must clearly be in the photo or video to receive points from photo or video.

2.Presenting the physical item will be worth 25 points. All physical items must be brought to the designated drop off time and point to be revealed in your Hunt Kit.

***You might be interested to know, if you choose to donate your item, you will receive 50 extra points per item. Donated items will be appreciated several ways:

First, they may be used by the Lake County Theatre Company to create props, set designs, and costumes for future events.

Second, whatever the Lake County Theatre does not use will be donated to the Meals On Wheels Thrift Store to help the Lakeport Senior Center provide Meals On Wheels to local Seniors.

Lastly, you will be helping create a successful community event making Lake County a fun and adventurous place to be all year round!

Let the game begin!!

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